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Using its proprietary technologies, ALGENEX offers stronger and better protein expression alternatives using BEVS (Baculovirus Expression Vector System). ALGENEX technologies generate a remarkable cost improvement in fields such as vaccines manufacturing (specially VLPs), diagnostic reagents, crystallography, HTS and provision of raw material.

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Why use the baculovirus vector expression system (BEVS) for biologics production?

The BEVS is one of the most powerful, robust and versatile eukaryotic expression system because its development speed and versatility for expression of a wide variety of protein families.

Why incorporate Top-Bac® in your BEVS?

     Top-Bac® is a proven and robust new platform (a complex expression cassette) to generate new baculovirus vectors with unprecedented performance in productivity and quality, addressing two of the major bottlenecks in the BEVS, production yields and protein degradation.

Why change bioreactors by IBES® technology, keeping the advantages of the BEVS?

     Insects are complex organisms with unique features such as to possess the champions cells in protein productivity (silk gland). After more than a decade of R&D, Algenex has developed the most productive and cost-effective baculovirus-based protein production system, IBES, which combines insects capabilities with that provided by the BEVS (modified by Top-Bac® expression cassette).

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Business model

ALGENEX offers non-exclusive licenses of Top-Bac® and IBES® technologies to our partners. Our technologies are designed to be easily implemented in current Products or Processes. We offer different ways for Getting Started, including Feasibility studies that can be done either in our facilities or in costumer facilities.

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