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FATRO S.p.A. licenses CrisBioTM technology to produce a VLP- based vaccine

ALGENEX S.L. announced today that it has signed its first commercial license agreement with the Italian animal health vaccines company FATRO S.p.A. for the worldwide use and industrial production of a recombinant vaccine with CrisBioTM technology.

ALGENEX is a Spanish company proprietary of disruptive baculovirus vector-based technologies to produce subunit vaccines in insects or insect cells (CrisBioTM, IBES® and Top-Bac® technologies). These technologies are extremely efficient in terms of productivity and quality of the recombinant subunit vaccines produced and in particular those based on virus-like particles (VLPs), reducing drasticly the production costs. In addition, all vaccines made with the easy to adapt and scale-up CrisBioTM technology are free of animal proteins and have very short development times. FATRO is a leading Italian company committed to the development of novel and cost-effective animal health vaccines with time-to-market challenges of less than 3 years..
VLP-based vaccines are being successfully used in human and animal health (i.e. human papillomavirus and porcine circovirus vaccines). “This is a great opportunity for ALGENEX to demonstrate that our technologies are able to approach high-tech recombinant technologies, commonly used to produce costly but efficient and safe subunit vaccines, to animal species that requires market-acceptable production costs” said Dr. Escribano, founder and scientific advisor of ALGENEX. This will be probably the first recombinant vaccine produced by ALGENEX technologies that will reach the market.

“The CrisBioTM and Top-Bac® technologies represent to FATRO the best possible entry door into the baculovirus-based technologies for our fast growing vaccine production. We are sure that in the next years we will develop more high-tech animal vaccines by this highly efficient technology platforms” said Francesco Meliota, Director of Vaccine Division at FATRO.

Commercial terms of agreement were not disclosed. FATRO and ALGENEX will work together during 2015 and 2016 on the scaling-up of the vaccine produced by CrisBioTM technology, in the final formulation and in animal studies.

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