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Baculovirus-based expression systems

Baculovirus Expression Vector Systems (BEVS) is one of the most powerful, robust and versatile eukaryotic expression systems, significantly increasing the speed and versatility of expression of a wide variety of protein families and thereby allowing the acceleration of the development times of protein-based pharmaceutical or diagnostic products.

Why the baculovirus expression system?

  • Robustness

  • Versatility

  • Functionality

  • Development speed

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Why Top-Bac®?

  • Unprecedented performance

  • Proteolysis reduction

  • Longterm expression

  • Not altered genomic stability

  • Viral titers are not affected

  • Fully compatible with BEV generation strategies

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Why CrisBioTM?

  • Scalability

  • Efficiency with difficult-to-produce proteins

  • Robotized system

  • Record productivities

  • CAPEX and OPEX reduction

  • Easy to implement

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ALGENEX´s TopBac® and CrisBioTM technologies have demonstrated the capacity to significantly increase production yields (up to 5x) and quality/stability of the proteins compared with traditional baculovirus-based production technologies, facilitating the scale-up of industrial production and significantly reducing CAPEX and OPEX required for development, clinical and industrial production phases. Both technology platforms are highly robust for vaccine production and in particular for the production of proteins forming virus-like particles (VLP) to mimic the native structure of a virus, increasing the immune system recognition.
Protein production yield (based on GFP)

Productivity of competitors using baculovirus vectors in cells or insects (green bars) with respect to ALGENEX (blue bars). Values are taken from a protein model and obtained by ALGENEX’ scientific team.