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About Algenex

Inspiring the future of biologics production

ALGENEX has developed two fully functional and IP protected disruptive technology platforms to optimize recombinant protein expression.
ALGENEX aims to become the preferred partner for companies whose business requires efficient, robust and scalable protein expression systems. By using Algenex’ technologies, potential license partners could benefit from a more efficient and cost effective way to produce vaccines and other protein-based molecules, ultimately impacting positively on their competitivity.
The first two products, TopBac® and CrisBioTM , have both been developed on the back of baculovirus-based expression systems and have demonstrated their ability to optimize protein production by increasing the yield  and quality of the proteins as well as in succeeding to produce proteins that are difficult-to-express.
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In addition, through the use of insects as living bio-factories, CrisBioTM offers a series of advantages over traditional methods such as bioreactors, including:
  • Productivity
  • Functionality
  • Simplicity
  • Linear scalability
  • Development speed
  • Cost efficiency
There are no safety concerns associated with the use of insects for the production of proteins used in human health care since all pathogens used in the manufacturing process have been demonstrated to be innocuous to mammals.


The bulk of Algenex’ work so far has been carried out with focus on Animal Health vaccines and includes > 200 molecules successfully produced in collaboration with public and private partners, including multiple international pharmaceutical companies. Algenex is seeking to expand the application of its technologies to the Human Health sector to fully exploit the platform’s potential. The Company’s technology also has applications in the Diagnostics sector, where it is already being exploited by a commercial partner.


In July 2018, Algenex raised a series B financing round  of €4,0 million led by the Spanish fund Cleon Capital and the UK fund Vita Advisory and established a STRATEGIC ADVISORY BOARD composed of senior executives in the pharma industry, to catapult the company its next stage of growth.

years of experience in biotechnology

ALGENEX has licensed these technologies to top multinational companies for the production of diagnostic reagents and vaccines and is seeking to develop a portfolio of vaccines for both the animal and the human health sectors

molecules succesfully produced

Business Model

Algenex offers non-exclusive licenses to its products TopBac® and CrisBioTM. We offer flexible entry strategies through:
    • Feasibility studies including optimization of your recombinant protein production
    • Licensing, Technology Transfer and Supply Agreements
    • Co-development Agreements of protein-based vaccines or diagnostic reagents and
The core current focus is Animal Health vaccines, where Algenex has worked with multiple large international players. In the mid-term, Algenex aims to expand the application of its technologies to the Human Health sector, fully exploiting the platform’s potential. The Company’s technology also has applications in the Diagnostics sector, where it is already being exploited by a commercial partner.