If we hope to meet global climate goals, we need to create a sustainable, just, and secure food system. It is scientifically impossible to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius and avoid the worst effects of climate change without radically transforming how we produce and consume food, particularly protein.

The Good Food Institute, 2021

Our vision is to enable a world where alternative protein becomes a reality, addressing the broader goals of climate change and global hunger in the process.

Producing cell-based meat has technical challenges which are not solved by traditional technologies.

We produce the animal-free growth factors at a fraction of the cost, making synthetic protein a reality.

Production of cell-based meat faces technical challenges which can not be solved by traditional technologies.

Algenex supplies the essential growth media that makes up >90% of the total cost of cultivated meat.

How cultivated meat is made

How cultivated meat is made - Algenex. How cultivated meat is made - Algenex.

Real advantages

Our product catalogue today include a wide range of growth factors, including EGF, TGF and FGF. We are constantly expanding our offering, including species specific.

  • Product quality
  • Growth factors fully functional
  • No mammalian compounds used in the production process
  • Insect cells (not mammalian)
  • Low nucleic acids and endotoxins contaminants