A high quality and lower cost alternative to provide mammalian-free production of proteins through CrisBio®, our automated and bioreactor-free expression platform.

Algenex has a long track record producing antigens for the human and animal diagnostic market, marketed by its commercial partners.

Through the use of CrisBio® in the production of biocomponents, Algenex enables a fast alternative to meet surge in demand, achieving supply independence at low cost. Through the use of insects as natural bioreactors, CrisBio® eliminates the risk of mammalian or bacterial contaminants in the production process, allowing the sourcing of xeno-free raw materials with the required functionality.

CrisBio® has been endorsed by the European Medicines Agency through the authorisation of Fatrovax RHD, a recombinant vaccine for the prevention of Rabbit haemorrhagic disease.

Main applications of Biocomponents

Diagnostic antigens

Long track record producing antigens for the human and animal diagnostic market.

We serve third parties with highly consistent antigens at low costs as well as participate in development partnerships.

Enzymes and Chaperones

Fast alternative to meet surge in demand and achieve supply independence at low cost.

Experience in producing commercially available enzymes (telomerase, polymerase...) and capability to develop and produced customized constructs.

Growth Factors

Our platform offers scalability advantages and the possibility of xeno-free raw materials.

As meat consumption is increasingly scrutinized for ethical reasons and its possible environmental impact, animal free meat substitutes are poised to increase their relevance in the market. The possibility to source growth factors at a price that makes cultured meat commercially viable is one of the main development barriers today. Algenex has experience producing FGF, TGF and other growth factors at a cost that will allow companies to overcome these barriers.



Algenex has also proven its technology for the production of a range of enzymes including DNA polymerase and telomerase, to have equal or superior functionality to commercial offerings combined with the capacity for rapid production to meet surges demand coupled with low cost.


Algenex has extensive experience in the production of growth factors such as TGF and FGF. The overall market for growth factors is expected to reach US$3.7bn by 2031.

Food Tech

Analysts are predicting the global market for animal-free meat substitutes to grow more than tenfold over the next decade and potentially reach $140 billion by 2029.

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