Algenex has more than 20 years’ experience in the veterinary sector and is focused on developing and producing veterinary vaccines using its TopBac® and CrisBio® technology platforms.

We have successfully produced more than 200 molecules in collaboration with public and private partners, including multiple international pharmaceutical companies and achieved proof-of- concept in more than 20 indications across most livestock species.

FatrovaxRHD, first vaccine produced in CrisBio® received marketing authorization in the European Union and United Kingdom in Q3.

Benefits of using CrisBio® in the production of proteins for veterinary vaccines:

  • Linear scalability

  • Reduced production costs

  • Increased productivity, reaching gram per litre yields

Most advanced projects in animal health






African Swine Fever

AB rapid detection test


Algenex has a long track record of successful collaborations with public and private partners on a global scale. Customer satisfaction is one of our top priorities

For us, CrisBio® technology represents an important opportunity to expand its portfolio of vaccines for veterinary use with a series of highly innovative products

Francesco Meliotta

Vicepresident responsible for IVMPs at Fatro SpA


Herdscreen® ASFV, developed jointly between Algenex and GlobalDX, is a point-of-care rapid diagnostic test that identifies animals which have been exposed to the African Swine Fever Virus (ASFV) using whole blood, plasma or serum samples. Herdscreen® uses a highly specific antigen produced using CrisBio®.

This antigen is able to capture antibodies developed during infection with ASFV with 100% specificity and higher sensitivity than a commercial ELISA test, as evidenced in field and experimental samples from infected animals gathered by the European Union Reference Laboratory for African Swine Fever (CISA-INIA).

Herdscreen® ASFV been on the market since 2021. The test is being increasingly adopted by food and meat industry to contribute to certifying the ASFV-infection status through the entire supply chain and as a consequence help reducing disease spread.

CrisBio® applications in OneHealth

Prevention of infectious diseases in animals

Up to 75% of new diseases affecting people over the past 10 years originated in animals 13 zoonoses are responsible for 2.2 million deaths per year.

Pandemic preparedness

Requiring rapid response and production scale-up.

Universal access to biotech products

Simple production process at significantly lower cost allows commercial viability of biotech product in developing economies.

Most advanced projects in human health


H1N1; H7N9; H5N1



Anti Human rotavirus VP6


Algenex has completed a proof of concept study in avian influenza, a zoonotic disease that has the potential to turn into a global pandemic. In this study, Algenex demonstrated its ability to develop a fully functional and safe vaccine in only four months.

Using CrisBio®, Algenex is ideally positioned to produce and supply large quantities of proteins to pharmaceutical companies developing and manufacturing vaccines quickly and at competitive prices. This would enable widespread immunization, in particular in countries with weak economies and less advanced public health systems.


Algenex has licensed its CrisBio® technology to Biokit (Werfen Group), who is commercializing two diagnostic kits for human applications based on Algenex’ technologies.