Media Apperances


  • Sep 24
    Animal Pharm

    Fatro secures European authorization for rabbit vaccine with Algenex tech

    The European Comission has granted marketing approval to a rabiit hemorrhagic disease virus (RHVD) from Italian business Fatro. The vaccine incorporates CrisBio technology developed by Spain´s Algenex.

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  • Jan 24

    Algenex featured as Biotech of the Week by LaBiotech

    Madrid-based company Algenex is using moths as natural bioreactors to improve the speed and scalability of making proteins used in vaccines and diagnostics.

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  • Jun 07
    Pharma Boardroom

    Interview to Dr. José Escribano, founder of Algenex

    The initial idea for ALGENEX was developed at a conference in Canada in the 1990s. Conversing with an American colleague in a Poxvirus meeting, we realised the huge potential for the use of living organisms in the production of recombinant proteins, and from that conversation, we began collaborating.

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