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For decades, the vaccines have been produced in cell cultures or fertile eggs. The huge demand of vaccines and the urgent need to reduce the vaccine production costs, to make them accessible to the whole human population and farm animals, made crucial the development of new production processes. Insects possesses unique features for recombinant protein production.


ALGENEX has developed and patented this innovative technology platform, which take advantage of a multicellular living organism, the Lepidoptera Trichoplusia ni (T. ni ). This highly efficient technology combines T. ni chrysalises with the proprietary improved baculovirus vectors TopBac® for the production of recombinant subunit vaccines. The ALGENEX’ scientific team has optimized and industrialized CrisBio technology, reaching production yields that exceed 20 times the productivity of insect cells cultured in bioreactors.

Opportunities with CrisBio™

  • For emergency situations:

Fast development times. 2 months to initiate the industrial production.
  • For disfavored economies:

Robust, simple and cost-efficient technology, fully automated process with proprietary device. Modular and Plug & Play
  • For global vaccination campaigns:

Easy to scalable-up. Linear scalability and unlimited pupae production
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Downstream standard process

Milligrams of recombinant protein can be extracted from a single pupa and purified by conventional means.