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BIOKIT licenses CRISBIO™ technology to make high quality recombinant proteins for in vitro diagnostics for human use

Mar 29 2017

BIOKIT and ALGENEX are extending their non-exclusive, commercial license agreement, to include also the CRISBIO™ technology for the manufacturing of recombinant proteins.

CRISBIO™ is the next generation technology in the development and manufacturing of recombinant proteins which ALGENEX developed in its laboratories in Madrid. Whereas TopBac® is the booster for the BEV-based protein synthesis in insect cells, CRISBIO™ is the production vehicle, it is the technology to use TopBac® in insects as living bioreactors in a fully automated way. The quality and the productivity are unprecedented. The development times can be as short as 2 months from gene sequence to obtaining a purified protein. CRISBIO™ is used for diagnostics, animal health vaccines, biosimilars to name a few.

“After the successful implementation and scaling up of the IBES® technology we are very happy to be the first CRISBIO™ licensee in our field. ALGENEX never stopped improving BEV-based technologies. Using new economical approaches such as CRISBIO™ in developing and producing innovative and high quality diagnostic kits and raw materials is our way to confirm our leadership position. Recombinant proteins are a given in our business, many new technologies are offered indeed, but few combine good quality with good economics. ALGENEX does.” says Dr Pau Bruguera, Senior Vice-President R&D for Biokit.

“It goes without saying that this first commercial license for CRISBIO™ to a partner like BIOKIT is for ALGENEX a milestone. It is a major validation of its capacity to develop and deliver difficult to produce proteins in a short period of time to a demanding market from a quality, from a production flexibility and from a cost-of-goods point of view.” says Dr. Jose Escribano, founder and scientific advisor for ALGENEX.


About Algenex

Algenex is a private biotechnology company developing disruptive baculovirus-based technologies for the production of recombinant biologics. Algenex´ first two platforms, TopBac® and CrisBio®, are based on baculovirus-based expression systems and have demonstrated their capacity to transform recombinant protein production through a process that provides almost unlimited and immediate scalability of manufacturing, production flexibility, simplicity and versatility while being extremely cost efficient.
To date, Algenex’ work has centred mainly on the development and production of veterinary vaccines, with > 200 molecules successfully produced in collaboration with public and private partners, including multiple international pharmaceutical companies. The first dossier for a veterinary vaccine produced in CrisBio® is currently being reviewed by EMA.

Algenex has now expanded the application of its proprietary and patented technologies into human health in order to fully exploit the potential of its platforms.

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About Biokit

Biokit is a Spanish company which develops and manufactures in vitro diagnostics kits for the detection of infectious diseases, coagulation disorders, and others. Using various immunoassay formats, from manual, rapid agglutination tests, to fully- automated, high-sensitivity magnetic-particle-based chemiluminescent systems,
Biokit has developed a broad portfolio of products that are distributed, either under its own brand name or under the brand name of the most important diagnostics
companies worldwide. The use of recombinant or native proteins, antigens and antibodies, developed and/or purified using last-generation technologies by the internal Biotechnology department guarantees the optimal control of the raw materials which is the basis for the outstanding performance of the assays. The company was created in 1973 and it is part of Werfen, the international group headquartered in Barcelona.

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