Company CrisBio Science Technology

BIOKIT licenses CRISBIO™ technology to make high quality recombinant proteins for in vitro diagnostics for human use

Mar 29 2017

BIOKIT and ALGENEX are extending their non-exclusive, commercial license agreement, to include also the CRISBIO™ technology for the manufacturing of recombinant proteins.

CRISBIO™ is the next generation technology in the development and manufacturing of recombinant proteins which ALGENEX developed in its laboratories in Madrid. Whereas TopBac® is the booster for the BEV-based protein synthesis in insect cells, CRISBIO™ is the production vehicle, it is the technology to use TopBac® in insects as living bioreactors in a fully automated way. The quality and the productivity are unprecedented. The development times can be as short as 2 months from gene sequence to obtaining a purified protein. CRISBIO™ is used for diagnostics, animal health vaccines, biosimilars to name a few.

“After the successful implementation and scaling up of the IBES® technology we are very happy to be the first CRISBIO™ licensee in our field. ALGENEX never stopped improving BEV-based technologies. Using new economical approaches such as CRISBIO™ in developing and producing innovative and high quality diagnostic kits and raw materials is our way to confirm our leadership position. Recombinant proteins are a given in our business, many new technologies are offered indeed, but few combine good quality with good economics. ALGENEX does.” says Dr Pau Bruguera, Senior Vice-President R&D for Biokit.

“It goes without saying that this first commercial license for CRISBIO™ to a partner like BIOKIT is for ALGENEX a milestone. It is a major validation of its capacity to develop and deliver difficult to produce proteins in a short period of time to a demanding market from a quality, from a production flexibility and from a cost-of-goods point of view.” says Dr. Jose Escribano, founder and scientific advisor for ALGENEX.